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Here are some models I'll be using as bases for my custom enclosure projects. I have made the PCBs and a PCI-E X16 card. Hope they'll be a nice addition to the forums.

For modelling I researched various specification documents and when not found, measured the dimensions of my hardware using vernier calipers.
Should be pretty precise for custom case builds.

They are primarily Sketchup 2015 models and I have also exported STL versions (But I cannot guarantee these are as good).

If you find any error in them please notify me here.

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This was based on version 8.5c. Though the delay switches and small components are different in my older 8.3a, it seems to have the same dimensions and connector placement.

Note PCI-Express cards are aligned with the notch in the card and slot as a reference point, with the edge of the connector designed to rest on the bottom of the slot.

The barrel plug dimensions in the model are not necessarily the size you should get when looking for a connector.

Will upload a PCE164P-N03 pcb model at a later time

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