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mPCIe Extender and Gen2 Signaling  


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Anyone using mpcie extender (such as the P22S-P22F) in here? If so, are you able to maintain a stable gen2 signaling without any error?

I'm asking because I'm planning to keep my next setup as simple as possible, and having a small diy mPCIe port out side the case can provide much convenient and portability. I would either get the P22S-P22F or this (since its is soldered - which theoretically should provided better stability), but honestly I have no idea.

Thanks for reading.

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I've read in another forum that guy was using i guess some old model similar to PE4C kind (he posted pictures) and the cable from the mPCI adapter to the actual board where the VGA is was the same flexible cable like the one on P22S-P22F (much longer though).From what i remember he was complaining a lot from it and i think he end up changing it.So i guess it's not very reliable,i wouldn't personally risk it  but i like your thinking.

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For sure your proposed solutions will work at Gen1 link speed. It's Gen2 that gets tricky. Required there is precise impedance matching with fewest number of connectors and a short cable to minimize signal interference and loss.

Your notebook too requires good signalling to the mPCIe slot too. It itself may never been tested for Gen2 compliance with say a wifi card. Often those slots  being set to Gen1 speed by the BIOS.

My experience being the soldered cable PE4L 2.1b and PE4C 3.0 outperformed socketted eGPU adapters like EXP GDC. As too did mPCIe slot over expresscard, the latter often being a socketted cage that sits on a systemboard so being two connector hops to an eGPU adapter from the Southbridge PCIe port.

In all, your testing being the only way to verify Gen2 link capability.

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