Not 100% eGPU fan run when plug EC in after Bios screen (EC, RX570)
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Not 100% eGPU fan run when plug EC in after Bios screen (EC, RX570)  


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Does any one has this problem when using EC ?
My laptop is HP 8560W (I7 2860QM, only have dGPU Quadro 1000M)

I'm using EC GDC Dock Beast 8.5, Rx570 and using Clover override DSDT to fix code 12.

My problem is: If i do following steps bellow, some time GPU work (Fan run), and some time it's not work (If fan not run)

1.  Plug Power supply into Dock (I using 500W power supply)
2. Turn on laptop, wait Bios screen display
3. Plug in EC cable

At this step, the blue light of Dock is turn on but randomly occurred two bellow case.

Case A: If GPU fan is run at this time -> All OK, can hot plug in WIndow
Case B: If GPU fan is not run -> after WIndow on, the device manager not showing eGPU. If i unplug/plug again many time, it's still not working

Note: If i plug in EC before turn on Laptop, GPU fan always run when press power on button, but laptop can not boot (Stuck at bios screen, must hard power off)

The ratio of case A (Work) is higher case A when first time i turn on laptop after long time.
But when i using for few hour and turn off laptop. After turn on, the ratio of case A is higher.

After case B occurred, i must turn of laptop and try again, when plug EC in, if i see GPU fan is run, i known that my laptop recognized eGPU.

Please give my any advise ? The problem is my Dock ? my Power Supply or my GPU ?

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Hi @vanthanh30691, you can try skipping the EXP GDC's  20- -24 pin connector, just put a wire between the pins 14 (green cable) and some ground on your PSU motherboard cable ( ). That way the PSU will stay on even if the EC is disconnected or laptop is off, this helps with the recognition of some GPUs.

Let me know how it goes!

CPU: i7-3630QM
Dock: EXP GDC 8.0 ExpressCard
Monitor: Sony CPD-G400 1800x1440