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NP XGP eGPU Adapter  


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Recently found them, didn't have much info elsewhere but here are what seem to be:

  • Only has mPCIe and Expresscard connection
  • Did not have an extra USB / HDMI ports
  • Some version didn't come with the 12V/18A port, but some do.

Other image:


List of official support Laptop model

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Thank you for posting. The thing with NP XGP and EXP GDC Beast is they use a HDMI socketted cable from the eGPU adapter to the EC/mPCIe/M2 slot. That socket creates an impedance mismatch point, where at 5Ghz (Gen2) operation it causes signal reflections, which ultimately mean data errors. Those adapters are certainly good for Gen1 operation but Gen2 is touch and go.


BPlus PE4C 3.0 and PE4L 2.1 use a soldered cable and so are more reliable at Gen2 operation.

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