Nvidia optimus question  


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February 6, 2018 6:37 pm  

So i've been lurking around egpu implementation forums for a year or so since i liked the idea of giving a laptop with Intel HD Graphics some gaming performance and decided to buy an EXP GDC Beast but forgot about it since i didn't want to bother with taking the gpu on my desktop off to try it.

Now after some months i just bought a used 750 ti 2gb twin frozr from msi and decided to try it out on my laptop. All went well and smooth, plugged the exp gdc to my mpcie slot (my latop has two so didn't need to ditch wifi card), installed most recent nvidia drivers, rebooted and bam, all working. So i wanted to try using the internal screen for some light gaming when im away from home...

When i boot with the egpu connected, the intel hd graphics simply dissapears from the device manager and when i try to boot without the egpu and do the sleep and plug egpu trick it just gives me an error when it boots back up.

Question is, i need the igpu enabled to use optimus right?

I also obviously know about setup 1.x but as im not sure if it can fix this issue im hesitant on buying it yet.

Hope someone can help me with this and thank you in advance.


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