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OSX (Hackintosh)  


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Hi guys, 
So I have an EXP M-PCIe Beast running a Palto 1050 on an Acer 5830TG - all is mostly working, and I'm happy with the setup.

But I need to do some video work over the coming months and would like a dedicated editing partition. 

Ideally, I would like to setup a Hackintosh partition; but can anyone confirm that this would work? (Or know of a thread in this forum where someone may have done similar?)

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If Acer 5830TG is capable of running osx (check tonymacx86) then there is a chance this would work. As someone who has done osx on PC quite a bit, I would recommend sticking with windows 7 or 10 for your editing. Unless there are several other active users of the Acer 5830TG with osx on tonymac, it will take a long time to calibrate and ensure drivers will work in osx and your setup. Also if your processor is intel there is a better chance of getting osx working. Fair warning you are more likely to become a hackintosh eGPU pioneer than a video rendering maverick.

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