PCI 1x 1.1 link speed using GDC EXP and HP 15-af laptop (A8 7410 CPU)
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PCI 1x 1.1 link speed using GDC EXP and HP 15-af laptop (A8 7410 CPU)  


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Hello, so I'm very new on the eGPU topic, and I have read a ton of things, and the first thing I noticed is that most of this support is for intel CPUs, and I had a HP laptop 15-af~ which uses a AMD A8 7410 processor, even though I took the risk and bought a GDC EXP 8.5 and tried to connect a RX 470 and I got it working, in my opinion, is a pretty good setup, I have to use a external monitor but it it was a cheaper upgrade than a new PC, and even if my CPU is really poor in performance I can notice a pretty good boost on my system.

However, on GPU-Z the link speed is reported at X1 1.1, and doing the render test do not scale it up to X1 2.0, my setup is the GDC EXP NGFF version on windows 10, and I have checked as my processor is supposed to support PCI Express 2.0, so, anyone can suggest me any method to try to get a better link speed?, as I said, the performance is better than using my iGPU, but I'm pretty sure it is not the best of a RX 470 card.

I read about the DIY setup from nando4, but it says that is only for intel CPUs, anyone has tested that on an AMD CPU?, I just wanna know if I already checked all the possibilities before giving up the chance of more graphical power.

System: Windows 10 home, AMD A8 7410 processor with R5 graphics, 8Gb ddr3 ram, 1Tb HDD, and RX 470 GPU using GDC EXP NGFF version with external monitor