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Problem Lenovo G50-45 and Gtx 680  


Lorenzo Caputo
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Hi I have a lenovo g50-45 with apu A8 6410, 4GB Ram, HDD 500GB, externally I connected the exp gdc 8.0 adapter via a mini pcie port, a gtx 680 powered by a new 500w coolermaster. When I turn on the PC, the card turns on and the power supply turns on, in device manager it is detected, I install the drivers, it asks me to restart and proceed, once restarted I open the device manager again and so far no problem, in task manager it is not detected , nvidia control panel from desktop i can't open it, i try to open it from windows control panel but it doesn't open, i also tried to restart nvida services without success, i also tried to end and restart tasks from task manager, i uninstalled both the drivers with ddu and reinstalled windows but it never works. Can someone help me ? Thanks.

Lenovo G50-45 : Amd A8 6410, 4GB Ram 500GB HDD,Collermaster 500W, GTX 680 2GB