Problem(s?) with eGPU DELL latitude e6320
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Problem(s?) with eGPU DELL latitude e6320  


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to set an external GPU (a AMD RADEON RX570) on my DELL latitude e6320 configuration :

intel core i7 2640 CPU, 2.80GHz,

RAM :16Go

Windows 7 professionnal

i Have a Intel HD 3000 but I have desable it in order to put the RX570 ... i don't know if it's a good idea but anyway ...

so I plug my gdc beast by the wlan port, i restart the laptop, screen is black, fan of the RX work, exp gdc beast is green, then the pc don't boot really well the screen is black but I hear the sound of windows starting, I can also open my session 

I've tried to set ATX PW on ON and OFF, PTB on 150, 75, OFF ...

I've tried with the eGPU upper power connection linked (8pins) and not linked, it's exaclty the same problem.

I've tried with a simple power supply as an VS650 corsair power supply, the only change I noticed was a heat when I trried the Corsair alimentation.

I've aslo tried the Express Card slot but it doesn't work, it's not a black screen but when I trie to install Radeon software, it does not detect the eGPU


Well I hope someone will help me and I hope we will find a solution ...

Thanks in advance !

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.