Realtek Audio shows code 12 after dsdt override
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Realtek Audio shows code 12 after dsdt override  


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Hi folks,

I recently started using an EXP GDC Beast Express Card eGPU with a GTX 600 Ti to play some old games again, and while the video performace is great with the minor inconvenience of expresscard gen 1 stability only,
unfortunately I did manage to shoot my audio device during the dsdt-override.

The well described workaround (manually de- and reactivating sound devices) supplied me an interim solution, but somehow ended up generating the code 12 error on the eGPU device again.

Therefore I redid the dsdt override, resulting in a recurrent audio driver issue. Namely, i do get the code 12 error for my Realtek Audio Devices ( High Definition Audio Controller, see  images). I can't choose them in the audio mixer. The above mentioned workaround does not work anymore.
The bluetooth audio output however does work, as well as audio output via the eGPU HDMI cable when the eGPU is selected.
Does someone have a further idea how to fix this issue?

2013 14" Lenovo ThinkPad L440 [4th,2C,M] + GTX 660 Ti @ 4Gbps-EC2 (EXP GDC 8.5) + Win10 [build link]