Rtx 2070 super stuck at 300mhz core clock
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Rtx 2070 super stuck at 300mhz core clock  


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hello good day. 


i got a latitude e6540 here witha i7 4800mq and some meh amd gpu.


since i got a rtx 2070 super rig i wanted to see what this laptop could technically do with enough graphics to back it up


after installing the latest nvidia drivers and patching the code 43 it started working


after launching a game however i saw it was stuck at 300mhz core but the memory did clock up accordingly.


i did unistall my radeon gpu after disabling auto device installation. however for some reason it keeps popping back up in task manager.


however the games are using the nvidia gpu so not sure if that is a big problem

my laptop has 3 mpcie slots and i put the gpu in the one closet to my gpu/cpu. and the wifi card is the farthest away it can be (1 empty mpcie slot in between)


any ideas what i could do to fix this?






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