Shuttle ds 61 exp GDC Beast won't detect egpu  


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March 22, 2019 3:19 pm  

Hi there, 

I am new to this forum and not a native English speaker so please be nice:). First of all I am allready using a full functional beast xpc gdc setup with my Asus laptop f555l and a gtx 1050ti gpu with a modified nvdia driver very successfully. So I am not new to this game... But here is my problem I recently bought a shuttle ds 61 mini PC and thought this would be easy to setup... But unfortunately it is not:(the problem is the device manager is not detecting the egpu at all I tried all tricks I read.. Hot plug remove the wifi card put the beast in turn the beast switches and so on and on... The one thing which is really weird is everytime I connect the beast to the mini PC the Ethernet controller keeps crashing imidiatly.  I also have a picture when I boot but the pc won't post and I am not able to enter the bios or something .. So my question ist is my bios locked or is there the possibility that it just can't handle it? I know it's a pretty specific topic but maybe anyone here has an idea what I could do... Can I hack the bios. Or did I just went for the wrong machine to use it with the beast?. Thanks for any helpfull awnser. BEST REGARDS COLT

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