Tornado F5 (16l13) m.2 eGPU setup HELP!
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Tornado F5 (16l13) m.2 eGPU setup HELP!  


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Hello guys,

I need some help with hooking a Tornado F5 (MSI 16L13) to an external GPU via the spare m.2 slot.
I have fully unlocked BIOS ... but this is exactly my problem. I don't know which settings I need to change.

From what I have found so far I suppose I need to disable the RAID and enable PCI-E hotswap (Thanks to the Linus video).

However I already burned my dGPU (R.I.P. GTX1070n) and cannot test right now... waiting for cheap MXM card to arrive. iGPU is disabled in BIOS and not wired to the internal display so it is almost useless.

I have the cheap 7$ m.2 x1 connector to test, but I have already ordered the R43SG.
I have successfully connected a SATA HDD via a PCI-e card via the m.2 cheap adapter ... so at least I know it is working. This worked from the very first time BTW Smile
However when I connected a GPU(GTX1060) it would not detect anything, as if it was never connected.

I feel like a total noob although I had several eGPU builds with different cards and different laptops via mPCIe back in 2015/2016 thanks to Nando. Do I need again Nando's eGPU setup?

Thank you in advance.



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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.