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W541 + GDC Beast + 1060 6GB  


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Before I used this setup:
GDC Beast with an ExpressCard connector
Dell DA-2 PSU
Zotac 1060 6GB GPU

Laptop was T430. It was unstable until I changed EC Gen 2/Auto to Gen 1 speeds. After that, everything ran smoothly for months without an issue at all. Even managed to upgrade CPU without any issues at all.

Then I decided to upgrade my laptop to W541, which has Quadro K2100m as a dGPU. Everything else remained the same. Modified BIOS (Whitelist removal and Advanced menu access) to get access to ExpressCard settings. Installed everything and got the eGPU working quite fast. Even disabled K2100m in device manager. The problem is that it is not stable anymore. It might BSOD while booting and it might BSOD after a few hours of use. But it will BSOD at one point (video tdr failure).

So again, I tried to change speeds from Auto to Gen 1. Saved bios. Still same issues. Went back to bios and saw that it had changed back to Auto speed. And it is like that every time. So my W541 refuses to switch to Gen 1 speeds on ExpressCard port 3.

Does anybody have any experience with this kind of behaviour?

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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