x230 odd performance (gtx 960/970/1060)
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x230 odd performance (gtx 960/970/1060)  


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I should mention this x230 has an i7-3520m, 16gb of ram along with the typical beast express card. I was genuinely very pleased with performance and how easy it was to set things up on windows, just plug and play pretty much. If you want better performance use an external monitor. Even on arch and debian it really wasn't difficult to setup at all however there seems to be a bizarre and extreme bottleneck in certain games, even if they're not very cpu reliant games.

Anyways, two games were this was very apparent are mw2 and especially new vegas. Even with the gtx 1060 both games couldn't handle 60fps at points, regardless of the resolution and settings. Benchmarks like valley showed that the cards really weren't suffering from that much of a bottleneck from the express card or cpu, the 970 in particular could stay on par with a stock 970 with a tiny overclock. I've tried multiple setups including an old setup with an i5 that's around the same power as the i7 3520m with a gtx 660 and it had absolutely no issues with new vegas wheras the gtx 1060 on the x230 drops to 35fps at points.

Any theories? could the express card solution ultimately cripple cpu performance due to the lack of bandwidth on these older unoptimised games... that's all I can think of right now

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