Your rendering device has been lost  


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August 17, 2017 10:34 pm  

Hi there, i started to have this problem since a couple of weeks a go, when i am playing overwatch, sometimes the game freezes and a message says "Your rendering device has been lost", so i must force to shut down the game, open again, try to play , but happens at the end again, i had the Nvidia drivers 372.54 (because i know about the error 43 with newest drivers), i am using a GTX 1060 3gb by miniPci port on my laptop, i try a lot of things that i read on internet for this error, disable firewall, disable antivirus, underclock my video card, play in window mode, force to have a constant voltage on the video card, limit fps to 60, and nothing is working, i dont use my video card with overclock..

The temperatures are under 55 C always for the EGPU, my CPU was always kind of a hot , like 88 degrees, but worked good always, i dont know if someone else have this problem, i search on blizzard forums and didnt find a solution, the only thing that i can do know is play with the nvidia gt650m that came inside of my laptop, so , i will appreciate any kind of help with this, thanks! Sorry for my bad english, greetings!

My specs:

Samsung Np550p5c-s05cl

Intel i7 3630-QM

12 GB ram

250 gb ssd

1 tb HD

windows 10 , 64 bit

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August 18, 2017 2:05 am  

Refer to the following sections at

  • “NVidia driver stopped responding” intermittent messages: can’t run Gen2 signalling
  •  The eGPU stops working after some time of use


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August 22, 2017 12:44 pm  

Problem solved!!! I decreased the power of my cpu in "power options", minimum power "10 %", maximum power "95%",  so i tried with this and it works!!  Seems when my cpu hits more than 90 degrees the game crash. And now with a good cooling dock and lower cpu power it hits 60/70 degrees.

Thanks for the help!!! 

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September 24, 2017 5:29 pm  

90c is a lot. I'd swap thermal compound and get your fins cleaned with compressed air or wd.

Anyway, good workaround there. Anything lower than 100% max usage disables TURBO. Which decreases voltage quite a lot. Sort of a ghetto undervolt.

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