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Z580A + 1050TI (Error 43, again)  


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Hi everyone, I use a 300w power supply, with both ports connected and win10. After installing my 1050TI to the system - I downloaded latest drivers 378.49, turn on HotPlug and get Error 43. I already tried to reinstall drivers to 375.63 (without DDU) but this doesn't help. As I read, there is the way to install 372.70 with editing config file but I can't figure it out, where it's located and what to edit in it.
Can someone help me, please?

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gid733, please review plastixx thread at . While some driver modding was involved with some indication of success, plastixx ended up swapping out for a GTX960, which does not get the error 43 the GTX10xx sees.

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