Build Guides list: Add "Cooling" column
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Build Guides list: Add "Cooling" column  


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It would be convenient for watercooling (WC) enthusiasts to have a "cooling" column on the Build Guides page.

Perhaps have several options in the drop-down menu:

  • Air (Includes blower-style (reference cards) and "open" coolers eg Gigabyte Windforce, Asus Strix)
  • Passive (Palit KalmX, Raijintek Morpheus, Arctic Accelero S3)
  • Custom WC (includes DIY-mounted waterblocks and cards such as EVGA Hydro Copper and MSI Seahawk EK that don't come with a radiator pre-installed)
  • Modded-on WC (NZXT Kraken G12 & G10 or "The Mod"), and
  • Factory WC (cards that have WC on them from the factory, eg EVGA Hybrid, MSI Seahawk, Gigabyte Waterforce, Vega 64 Liquid, reference R9 295X2, reference Fury X, etc)

This would make it easier to keep track of builds featuring watercooled eGPUs, as well as for eGPU newbies to easily find which GPU enclosures support WC.

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