CES 2020 eGPU.io On The Ground Coverage
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CES 2020 eGPU.io On The Ground Coverage  

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It seems that TB4 has the same performances as Thunderbolt3 but I think it's smaller than the previous one. The bandwidth is always 40Gbps...

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Very interested to hear about this new eGPU from Mantiz

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Very cool! What a fun experience. Thank you for the coverage.

Posted by: @itsage

people won’t understand why only the 2013 Mac Pro gets support and not other Thunderbolt 2 Macs.

If this was their reason it's laughable! They bring one off limited support for technologies to different Mac models all the time. Their entire lineup is riddled with exceptions where this or that Mac supports one thing but other Macs do not. 

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Retail availability of RX 5700 Nano will not happen due to production cost and low demand. They need at least 1,000 units before it would make sense.

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The thing that interest me the most is this Razer Chassis, wonder if we can put a hackintosh in it, or if their computer module wan be used to make a hackintosh, something I don't see well, is if we can put a full sized card in it ?

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