Limited Time of Editing (Main Post Implementation Thread)

Limited Time of Editing (Main Post Implementation Thread)  


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Dear Everyone, dear Admins,

I would have a question about editing the first post of an implementation guide after some months.

Is it not possible to do it? It seems like you can edit a post during a certain amount of time (3 months apparently) but then not anymore.

It might be very useful to add an exception to the main post of an implementation thread. In my case, I would want to keep it up-to-date... 🙂

Thank you!

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Seconded, especially because I'm about to post an implementation guide featuring a custom enclosure that I might get around to changing down the road.

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The workaround for this is to copy your opening post, edit it and add it as a reply to your thread requesting it replace your opening post. An admin will then make the change.

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