One year, half a million users reached and growing
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One year, half a million users reached and growing  

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First Anniversary

Thanksgiving 2016 marked the birth of and the beginning of an exciting journey. The participation of everyone in the community during this past year has led to become the go-to external GPU forum. With your efforts and help, we reached more than half a million users globally. These are eGPU enthusiasts, many of whom are excited to try external graphics for the first time.


The backstory of is one of defiance. Nando, Goalque, and I were active participants on Techinferno. We got the ban-hammer on November 20th, 2016 after strongly disagreeing with their new &  intrusive site monetization methods.

Nando, Goalque, Richard and I worked feverishly to build a new home for eGPU enthusiasts.  Along the way we received constructive input and help from forum members and /r/eGPU subreddit subscribers, as well as manufacturers.

In the past year has extended its reach to all but three countries. North Korea is a notable one. The other two are in the continent of Africa. North America and Europe have accounted for more than 60% of website traffic. These are the top 20 countries with visitors who frequent top 20 countries

2018 and beyond

Our mission from day one was to make external graphics more accessible for everyone. This remains our goal. While there's much outside our control, we continue to do the best we can to push eGPU mainstream. We've published all new findings and workarounds, freely available to all.

We've also made improvements to the website. One year ago our hosting server handled all traffic out of a Chicago datacenter. Page load speed was decent for North American users but could be better for visitors across the oceans. We've now implemented a CDN service to speed up page load for everyone globally.

At this time last year, the Razer Core was the only certified eGPU enclosure on the market. Most of us modified our AKiTiO Thunder2 or Thunder3 PCIe enclosures to meet our external graphics needs. A year later and there are no less than a dozen certified eGPU solutions catering to a wide range of needs.

We also learned much more about Thunderbolt 3 external graphics technology. It's not all good news, but things are progressing in a very positive direction.

2018 sets out to be a breakout year for breakaway graphics solutions. We continue to do our best to explore this exciting technology and hope you continue to join us on this journey. Thank you!

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That's awesome! I believe I'm 50% of Brazil's traffic since I open this website every single day haha.

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Exciting to see the traction has gained so far! I have personally learnt tons on this forum - it is literally a gold mine of information 😉

Please don’t consider me for the giveaway since I already have a similar GPU Smile

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I was shocked to hear what happened at TI, but glad that something this great was born from it. Thanks to everyone for their hard work to keep this community growing.

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thats really a hot topic for Mac users, looking forward to plug and play solutions

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[don't need the GPU]

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This site is invaluable. THX!


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i'll do what i can to bump up the numbers for Australia, have a few workmates, friends and family who may benefit from an eGPU, as well myself.

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Great news. I have been on Tech inferno and it's such a mess I can barely read it (low tolerance for bad interface design as that's my job). This site has been a great resource and has a much easier to use design. 2018 is going to be an interesting on with Apple officially supporting eGPU's (and I assume making their own wit ha new Mac Pro)...


(Count me out of the draw, already have a 580 and 1070).

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Fantastic guys!

Thank you again for putting all this together! Many of us would have heavy paper weights otherwise so cheers! 

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