Why can't I edit my posts or send PMs? Blocked if have less than 5 total posts
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[Sticky] Why can't I edit my posts or send PMs? Blocked if have less than 5 total posts  

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@keauval & @mrcat, please try sending PM again.

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It does work now. I was experiencing the same problem, it was solved for a few days 

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I'm trying to submit a build report but can't upload photos.  Well, that's awkward.

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@gerdoch, same here; waiting till I can add photos prior to posting the build.


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Posted by: @wildfirexzero

Kinda sucks for us who lurkers trying to sell our egpu boxes 😢

You want to benefit from a free service / community. Making 5 posts that contribute or help people is nothing for the convenience and benefit to use this forum. Just be glad it's not 50-100 posts like other forums. Where they limit posts per day no matter how helpful they are. 

Posted by: @albo23

How do we get our comments approved?

Just wait. I bet admins/mods have regular jobs. 

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Are we talking about brand new posts, or replies to threads are counted as well? 


If we are talking about the former, then its fair, if its the latter, then it would be quite difficult for us Lurkers to post about our new builds.

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This is really a strange spam countermeasure :/ I was lurking here for several weeks, gathering as much info as possible, to avoid those typical noob questions "help! what should I buy?!", I'm 99 % done and just wanted to confirm something from a guy with the same GPU and (planned) ADT-link… but I can't. 

My build will be epic

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