[Solved] reCAPTCHA box not appearing on login screen?  

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Posted by: wimpzilla

Do somethings admins plz about the site login, it is simply awful and poorly user friendly.

Tried 3 browsers, deactivated NoScript, ADblock, the Avira stuff and more, it took almost 10Min to log in.

Actually on some systems it's just not possible to log in. On my 2018 MBP Bootcamp I cannot login with Firefox, I have to use

2018 15" MBP & 2015 13" MBP connected to RTX2080Ti GTX1080Ti GTX1080 Vega56 RX580 R9-290 GTX680

Posted : April 12, 2019 11:59 pm
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Right now it's impossible for me to login with Safari. I've tried to log in dozens of times and I can't seem to get a higher score than 0.3. I've tried using private mode and that doesn't seem to help. By some miracle I was able to login with Chrome after a bunch of attempts.

This is a super annoying problem. Is there any fix to this problem being worked on?

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Posted : April 13, 2019 1:42 am
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