Why can't I change my username?
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[Solved] Why can't I change my username?  


Joshua Paul McKearin
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I used Facebook OpenID to authorize with the site, and now it has decided my real name should be used to identify me publicly on the site with (seemingly) no way to change it. Am I missing something?

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If you'd like a different user login then consider registering than using Facebook/Google/Reddit login.

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Олег Кнаус
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The same issue for me, I signed up with Google account and it fetched my cyrillic name from google account with no possibility to edit. Not sure anyone can read it, so would be nice to change)

I tried to sign up using Facebook account and link it to existing one, it asked for a password - I reset password and tried again - it keeps saying password is wrong for linking, but I can log in using this password.

Also I changed name to latin in my google account, not sure it will take an effect in here.

Pls add option to edit account name.

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