[EU/CZ] WTS/For sale: Aorus Gaming Box 1080

[EU/CZ] WTS/For sale: Aorus Gaming Box 1080  


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No time to play as much I thought I would (also thanks to Bioware Anthem for sh*t release), used with Macbook pro 15 (2018) via bootcamp.

  • Box with card
  • USB-c cable
  • Transportation bag (original)

Let me know if you have an offer. Best to have a trade in Prague but might be able to send within EU

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I am located in Vienna and would offer 450€ (via paypal). 

If you are interested, please contact me. 

I suppose, you cannot send PN yet as I cannot too (guys please turn off the pm limitation for new users here - it's annoyable) :\
So please reply to my fancy disposable email WTBaorus1080@heavysombrero.33mail.com
(just to protect my real one from the whole internet. I will response with my real address to your mail 🙂 )


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