[EU/DE] FS: 140€-ONO Zotac AMP Box Mini 230w/6-pin
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[EU/DE] FS: 140€-ONO Zotac AMP Box Mini 230w/6-pin  


Иван Кириченко
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Selling my 1+-year old AMP Box Mini in perfect condition. Comes with 230w power brick and a 6-pin power cable for the GPU. BONUS: I'll throw in a 8-pin cable so that you can try something more powerful Smile (the mainboard provides 8-pin connection). I used the enclosure with GTX1650S and RX570 on MBP2014 and Intel NUC8 - all combinations worked great! If you search for my messages on this forum you'll find some benchmarks.

The price includes shipping within mainland Germany, if you want to deliver it elsewhere - the costs are on you.

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Love these little boxes and that’s a great price. 
wouldn’t mind it myself but defo don’t need it. 

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