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Hello All!

I recently acquired a Dell XPS 9570 at a great price and have no need for two XPSes in my life. The Dell XPS 9575 was a great machine but I couldn't pass up the 6 core power of the 9570. Owned for 7 months and kept it docked to my ultrawide station!

DELL XPS 9575 2-in-1 SPECS:
CPU: Intel i7-8705G Processor (+10% than i7-8565U Whiskey Lake)
GPU: Vega M GL 4GB 
RAM: 16GB Memory
SSD: 480GB ADATA XPG Pro (Upgraded)
4K Sharp LCD (100% SRGB)
TWO Thunderbolt 3 Ports with 4 lanes each
Battery life is around 5 hours!
Comes with usb-c 130w charger
pen can be added upon request

Timespy with 2070 gaming box : 7500 GPU + 4200 CPU = 6700 Total Score 
APEX @ 70fps max settings 3440p

Happy eGPUing!

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