[US] FS: RTX 2080 Ti's x2 $925 or best offer

[US] FS: RTX 2080 Ti's x2 $925 or best offer  


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I have 2 different RTX 2080 Ti's I am looking to offload. The only reason I'm selling is to get smaller 2080 Ti's, as both of these are 2.5 slot GPUs. Thinking about getting some blowers...

I'm doing this from memory. I'll update it when I get back home if there are any errors. 

1. Zotac RTX 2080 Ti AMP with 3 fans. 

2.GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING OC with 3 fans.

Both of these have seen light gaming use and I overclocked them once for a test, but used stock settings thereafter. I never got around to crunching science experiments on these, so they really are lightly used. There's plenty of room in the Razer Core X, by the way. 

Price includes shipping* and Paypal. *Would prefer to ship to lower/continental 48 states in the US, but might be willing to ship internationally for established members, with the obvious caveat that I'm not responsible for VAT's that it may pick up on the way.

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