[US] FS: US $600-ONO Aorus Gaming Box RTX 2070 w/ upgraded fans -SOLD
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[Solved] [US] FS: US $600-ONO Aorus Gaming Box RTX 2070 w/ upgraded fans -SOLD  


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Like New Aorus Gaming Box RTX 2070 in retail box with all components for sale in the US. 2M Active TB3 cable also available if interested (manufactured by Mantiz)

This item will be exactly the same as if you purchased it new from Gigabyte. I have also upgraded the side-fans and PSU fans for quieter operations. I will include the original fans as well (or replace them inside the unit if you want). None of the original components are modified so it can be returned to stock (though the stock fans are noticeably louder).

To be clear, this is a 100% working unit and includes:

-Gaming Box RTX 2070 with GPU and upgraded side/PSU fans (updated to FW1.3)

-Original side/PSU fans

-0.5m passive TB3 cable

-Power cable

-Carrying bag and strap

-Original retail box with all manuals and driver CD

I will post pictures shortly.

20200209 115635 resized
20200209 115808 resized
20200209 115742 resized
20200209 115755 resized
20200209 115717 resized

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