[US] FS:US$380-ONO NEW Mantiz Saturn Pro v2 eGPU
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[US] FS:US$380-ONO NEW Mantiz Saturn Pro v2 eGPU  


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[Third try to post this and not get deleted.  Moderator: Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.]

I have a new and unused Mantiz Saturn Pro v2 external GPU enclosure for sale.  It’s still in the original box which has never even been opened.  Here’s the detail on the product from their web site:


My cost was $389.  (The Saturn Pro v2 is $329, plus the $60 for shipping charged by Mantiz.)

This is from a direct order I placed with Mantiz in early November and then tried to cancel in mid-November.  Mantiz ended up shipping the item in early December anyway.  I’ve been having trouble making arrangements with Mantiz to return the product since then, but it also seems like it is going to be very expensive to ship the item back to Taiwan.  Hopefully I can find someone nearby who’s looking to buy a Saturn Pro v2.  I’m located in Santa Cruz, California.

Please direct message me if you’re interested.

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