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1660 Super Poor Performance  


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I have a 1660 super with the Razer Core X plugged into my 15 inch 2017 mbp with a 2m cable. Although I don't have an external monitor and I'm using my mac's internal monitor, I feel like the performance is worse than it should be. I'm getting 50% less performance or more compared to the 1660S' full performance and I didn't think that the difference would be that big. Ex. when I play COD warzone I get only around 45 fps on the lowest settings on 1080p (mostly when landing and on-ground because places like the dropship or the gulag work fine); compared to the 1660s on desktop, which gets an average of 130 fps. To make sure, I checked the host to device speed and it seemed fine at around 2200 MiB/s. Is the 1660 Super just a bad card for GPU enclosures, or is it because I don't have an external monitor? I was expecting a 20-30% performance drop but never thought it would be this bad. 

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Start by running software that isn’t known to be completely broken (COD Warzone).

Check your score in 3DMark’s Time Spy benchmark and you’ll see that your card is fine. 

(Assuming you have Windows 10 Power and Processor Management and Nvidia Control Panel’s Power Management Mode set to Best Performance)

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