2017 MBP w/ TB + Breakaway Box[Custom PSU] + XFX Fatboy 590
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2017 MBP w/ TB + Breakaway Box[Custom PSU] + XFX Fatboy 590  


Jerwyn Feria
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After Looking around the interwebs and finding that the XFX Fatboy 590 didn't natively work with my MBP on macOS. I started looking around for another way to get it to work instead of reselling the product and repurchasing a new product.

I tried all the different program/script/guides that allowed egpu’s to work but failed because for these to work. The egpu would need to be connected to the Mac itself before the installation starts, but it never could work because plugging in the egpu causes my mbp goes into a kernel panic. crazy enough I needed to try other things but I stopped after keep finding dead ends, especially buying a new PSU for it replacing the 350w psu it came stock with the Breakaway350 to a 600w psu failed to cure this. I came back to find that in order for my XFX 590 FB to work, I would have to flash it into another working vendor. so I flashed it and it worked, it’s a scary process but I got it working well.

Things I used:

1. My PC (Never really know if the breakaway box could flash GPUs as it isn't really recommended to flash in a OS)

2. Powercolor Rom

3. AMD/ATI flash program


4. Corsair SF Series 600W PSU https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07J6MFZRP/
(Modular PSU keeps it neat)

I cannot and will not force you to do anything to your own equipment and do not recommend you to do this if you aren't comfortable doing anything that may cause your equipment damage. I would suggest to read up about flashing your video card with a different vendor.

I put my 590 in my PC, Flashed it with a matching Powercolor Rom, put it back into the breakaway box and connected to my mbp, waiting a min and it never crashed and my MBP recognizes it as a 590

Screenshot showing eGPU

I hope this isn't a repeat post, I already tried looking

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@jerwyn_feria, Thank you for this report the vBIOS flash helped making the XFX FatBoy RX 590 to work well in macOS!


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