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AMD 5600 vs AMD Vega56  


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I'm looking at the newly releases AMD 5600, and a used Vega56. Enclosure would be either a Razer Core X, or a Sonnet Breakaway, connected to a 2018 MacMini. 

I don't usually update my gear that often (my last Mac was a 2012 MacMini). In terms of overall performance / long-term use: Which of the two GPUs would be better?

On paper, they seem pretty similar in terms of performance (I'm not an expert, though). And the 6gb RAM on the 5600 probably doesn't make much of a difference when it comes to my main use (color grading in DaVinci Resolve).

2018 MacMini i7 / Mac OS Mojave / 4k iiyama screen

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Driver optimization takes time. The RX Vega lineup has much better drivers at the moment in both macOS and Windows.

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Hi there , I hope you had a nice ces. Can I ask you a favor to check my cling numbers from my razer x nitro 5700xt setup in case you see something that foes not look ok. When you run your review there ware no Mac drivers so there are no numbers to compare. Here is the link.

Thank you in advance.

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