ASRock X570 Taichi & X570 Phantom Gaming X UEFI ROMs released -- Thunderbolt on ...
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ASRock X570 Taichi & X570 Phantom Gaming X UEFI ROMs released -- Thunderbolt on AMD gets official?  


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Hello everyone in community!

Greetings and thank you for all the Thunderbolt-related information you guys have shared here. Fascinating to read!

I just wanted to point out that ASRock has provided the ROM downloads for the two X570 models already listed on their website. Note that I'm not a BIOS/firmware engineer or anything, I was just trying to find some relevant strings. So here's my findings and I hope to hear feedbacks from those more experienced/knowledgeable regarding Thunderbolt support.

motherboard: ASRock X570 Taichi
file name: X570TC1.20 (1.20)

You can also find the downloads for X570 Phantom Gaming X here:

Using Binary Viewer, searching for the string "TBT" yields some readable code (unlike anything else on Intel board ROM images I had tried looking up with this tool).  From address 01D9A5D0 to 01D9A78F:

Enable TBT for Device = %d:%d:%d
TBT = %08x
PcieSetTbtCapabilityCallback for Device = %d:%d:%d
Capability register found, checking for Tbt capability
Set the Tbt Requester Enable bit for Device = %d:%d:%d
PcieGetTbtCapabilityCallback for Device = %d:%d:%d
Tbt capability found on device 0x%8x:
PcieTbtInitCallback for Device = %d:%d:%d
PcieTbtInitCallback Exit
PcieTbtInit Enter
PcieTbtInit Exit

That was encouraging already, but then upon karatekid430's suggestion (somewhere on reddit I guess), I tried using UEFITool. Searching for "TBT" didn't give me anything. As it turned out, the more descriptive naming "thunderbolt" is used here instead!

Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in PE32 image section at offset 95D4h
Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in User interface section at offset Ch
Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in User interface section at offset Ch
Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in User interface section at offset Ch
Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in PE32 image section at offset 95D4h
Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in User interface section at offset Ch
Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in User interface section at offset Ch
Unicode text "THUNDERBOLT" found in User interface section at offset Ch

The three key modules are named:


As you know, we can't find these entries (or TbtSmm, TbtDxe, TbtPei as found on Intel boards' ROM) on any Gigabyte X399 Designare EX' UEFI ROM file that's officially published. But here it is on ASRock's X570 UEFI ROM files.

So, in short, I AM EXCITED!

I thought we had to wait until USB 4 somewhere in 2020 or later to get *official* TB support on AMD systems but now the situation looks much brighter already.

In contrast to Gigabyte, which backed out from official TB support on the X399 Designare/Aorus Xtreme (or ASUS or MSI for that matter, which AFAIK don't have any AMD-based board with Thunderbolt support), all ASRock X570 boards (10 models shown so far) have either the 5-pin TB header or integrated TB3.

Btw, I've checked that ALL their Z390 boards (bar the ITX one which has TB3 integrated) also have the TB header (correction: All ATX ASRock Z390 models have the header -- I missed 1 mATX + another miniITX that don't have any TB support). So together with their RX570 TBT GPU announcement, I'm inclined to believe that ASRock is the one that's SERIOUS about bringing Thunderbolt support to their mainstream customers. At least at this point in 2019.

ASRock might release a Titan Ridge card soon, I don't know. But if I'm guessing correctly, at least ASRock's own Alpine Ridge AIC will work on these new X570 boards with the proper support indicated in these UEFI images. What do you think?

Of course, I know we have to wait until next month (July 7) to see if they keep it (as well as being legitimately Thunderbolt™-certified).

(@karatekid430, if you're reading, thank you for your insights on TB... you're all over the web! :-D)
(Also thanks to @itsage and @joevt and everyone else for all your reports and photos etc on various threads -- they've been very helpful!)

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@thunderzen Welcome aboard and thank you for sharing your findings of these X570 BIOS ROMs! ASRock indeed seems very serious about making Thunderbolt 3 available on their boards. I checked with my Intel source but there's no official certification yet (earlier this month). Hopefully there will be the go-ahead soon. I'm especially excited about the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX TB3.

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You can find "TBT" using UEFITool if you deselect "Unicode". All occurrences are in AmdNbioPciePei

There's a "Thunderbolt Support" option in AmdPbsSetupDxe which you can view using ifrextract. The main Setup file (GUID 899407D7-99FE-43D8-9A21-79EC328CAC21) doesn't contain any Thunderbolt options.

Other files that have forms that can be viewed with ifrextract may include the following guids in their binary file:

EFI_HII_PLATFORM_SETUP_FORMSET_GUID  93039971-8545-4b04-b45e-32eb8326040e
EFI_HII_DRIVER_HEALTH_FORMSET_GUID   f22fc20c-8cf4-45eb-8e06-ad4e50b95dd3

BOOT_MAINT_FORMSET_GUID              642237c7-35d4-472d-8365-12e0ccf27a22
BOOT_MANAGER_FORMSET_GUID            847bc3fe-b974-446d-9449-5ad5412e993b
CONSOLE_PREF_FORMSET_GUID            2d2358b4-e96c-484d-b2dd-7c2edfc7d56f
DEVICE_MANAGER_FORMSET_GUID          3ebfa8e6-511d-4b5b-a95f-fb38260f1c27
DRIVER_HEALTH_CONFIGURE_FORMSET_GUID 4296d9f4-f6fc-4dde-8685-8ce2d79d90f0
DRIVER_HEALTH_FORMSET_GUID           f76e0a70-b5ed-4c38-ac9a-e5f54bf16e34
DRIVER_HEALTH_MANAGER_FORMSET_GUID   cfb3b000-0b63-444b-b1d1-12d5d95dc4fc
DRIVER_SAMPLE_FORMSET_GUID           A04A27f4-DF00-4D42-B552-39511302113D
DT_PLATFORM_FORMSET_GUID             2b7a240d-d5ad-4fd6-be1c-dfa4415f5526
EFI_FILE_EXPLORE_FORMSET_GUID        fe561596-e6bf-41a6-8376-c72b719874d0
EFI_HII_USER_CREDENTIAL_FORMSET_GUID 337f4407-5aee-4b83-b2a7-4eadca3088cd
FILE_EXPLORE_FORMSET_GUID            1f2d63e1-febd-4dc7-9cc5-ba2b1cef9c5b
FRAMEWORK_BDS_FRONTPAGE_FORMSET_GUID 9e0c30bc-3f06-4ba6-8288-09179b855dbe
LEGACY_BOOT_OPTION_FORMSET_GUID      6bc75598-89b4-483d-9160-7f469a963531
SETUP_FORMSET_GUID                   410483cf-f4f9-4ece-848a-1958fd31ceb7

I don't know if there are other guids that could be used.

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