Boot issues caused by plugging eGPU into mini PCIe?
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Boot issues caused by plugging eGPU into mini PCIe?  


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Hello everyone,


I have an asus n53s with an i5 proc and 8 gb of ram. I have 2 internal graphics cards, an intel HD Graphic 3000 and an NVIDIA GT Force 550M. I bought a radeon RX 550 4G and removed my internal wifi card to plug my MINI PCI-E version 8 dock into the internal wifi port but my pc does not start. It hangs on the asus screen and can't enter the bios and w10. When I remove the card, the pc works normally even with leaving the external power on. I tried with a low end 600w power supply and a higher quality 350w. I flashed the bios to put the most recent version but I found nothing in the settings allowing me to deactivate the internal cards or one of the 2 at least. I do not see at all where the problem can come from, surely from the card because I unplug it, I boot without problem on my system.

anyone has an idea ???

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