Clamshell stand with fan recommendations...

Clamshell stand with fan recommendations?  

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I recently had to replace my rMBP battery since it wouldn't hold a lot of charge, and the battery eventually inflated (they basically replaced the whole top case for the battery, keyboard, touchbar, touchpad, everything. Lucky I have it under applecare warranty).

So I'm looking into something to try to keep it cool while in clamshell (and considering summer is coming).
It is relatively hot. Not alarmingly hot, but considering already had a dead battery and inflated, might help a bit over time, considering I have also shifted to play on it with eGPU.

I have a stand that keep it upright to reduce footprint on the desktop. I'm looking into a similar stand that has a fan included in it. I have seen the SVALT D1, but so much for a fan stand? Really?

Any other alternatives?

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Using demanding tasks on clamshell make MacBook cassis hot since it has also heat transfer function. I don’t game on my MacBook Pro but I’ve two similar cassis laptops Blade 15 and Blade stealth 2016, and I never use on lid close when I’m gaming even using egpu that basically share thermal with enclosure and have huge cpu temperature improvement on Blade 15, the temperature difference between clamshell and open is noticeable fan activity as well. I do this for over 2 years with Blade stealth and so far have no issues whatsoever only battery wear that now around 5 hours from 7 plus. For desktop and light task like browsing etc maybe it’s fine.

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Just thought I’d comment to bump and mention that I’m also curious.