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Creating a CVT-RB custom resolution on macOS without SwitchResX?

Creating a CVT-RB custom resolution on macOS without SwitchResX?  


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I have a 4K TV, and it gets unstable at [email protected] over HDMI. To fix this in Windows and Linux, I created a custom [email protected] resolution with CVT-RB (reduced blank) timings (on Windows via AMD's GPU control panel, and on Linux via Xorg.conf snippet with a generated modeline).

SwitchResX seems to be able to do this under macOS, but I can't afford a license for it currently, and would prefer a solution longer than 10 days.

I'm wondering if anyone has any other possible solutions?

I've replaced my GPU and 4+ HDMI 2.0 [email protected] certified cables; I'm thinking it's down to the display either being defective, or it providing bad and/or untested EDID for that res (this only happens at [email protected]; other 60Hz resolutions, along with [email protected] are fine).

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$20 for SwitchResX.

You can create an EDID override in a new file for your display in /System/Library/Displays/Contents/Resources/Overrides
Look at all the examples to see how they work.

Use the following command to get the EDID on macOS:
/System/Library/Extensions/AppleGraphicsControl.kext/Contents/MacOS/AGDCDiagnose -a > AGDCDiagnose_a.txt 2>&1

Or use Monitor Asset Manager (moninfo.exe) in Windows.

Convert between hex and binary using xxd command in macOS.

In your override file, you can patch the EDID or override the entire thing. Find an EDID editor. Maybe AWEDIDEditor.app for macOS.

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