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Display does not work after shutdown  


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So I have the Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming box (link) connected to an Intel NUC Kit (link) running Windows 10 and the latest Gigabyte/Nvidia drivers for the hardware. and all is well using the GeForce Experience software for keeping the GTX graphics driver up to date and while my PC is on and I'm playing games. My setup is having the gaming box connected to the NUC through the USB-C cable and HDMI connected to my monitor from the gaming box. However, I get a weird issue after shutdowns...

If I shutdown windows as normal, once I press the power button on the NUC it will boot but I will have no video output on my screen. If I first disconnect power from the NUC and then plug it back in and then hit the power button, everything works fine and I get output on the screen coming from the box.

Has anyone ever heard of / seen anything like this? It basically seems to come down purely to that where when I shutdown, I do or do not see output from the box depending on if I disconnect power from the NUC or not.

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