Does a VR headset count as an external monitor?
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Does a VR headset count as an external monitor?  


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I've seen warnings about very  big performance drops when using the internal monitor, and was wondering if I'd need to buy an external monitor to use in addition to the VR headset if I want to do things/play games in VR. The only reason I'd be getting an eGPU would be for VR.

From the experience of certain people, it seems to be implied to be the case that the VR headset effectively works as the external monitor (e.g this very short thread  
But I'd  like a general answer that doesn't depend on someone's specific build and vr choice, if possible, and thus could be transferred to my use case more easily.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@thinkegads If the VR headset connects directly to one the eGPU monitor output ports, then it is considered an external monitor.

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Is it possible to connect egpu output port directly back to the notebook to trick the system that the internal display as external display?

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@tommy_1 No.

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