DXGKRNL fatal error when benchmarking or gaming
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DXGKRNL fatal error when benchmarking or gaming  


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Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to hook up an NVIDIA GTX 760 to my laptop but I can’t get it to work properly. My laptop has an i7 2670qm cpu with AMD HD6770m dGPU. At first the eGPU got detected successfully after connected to the mini pcie port without any error, and the graphics driver can be installed smoothly, however when I opened NVIDIA Control Panel it showed me “You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU”, I googled it and people suggested to install DIY eGPU to disable dGPU in order to use the internal display, but when I did PCI Compaction it was stuck at “press enter to return to menu”, so I tried to turn off dGPU and chainload, then I was able to login into Windows and the dGPU disappeared in the Device Manager, and the NVIDIA Control Panel can be opened, so I enabled high performance NVIDIA processor in the settings and tried to do a benchmark test, however either benchmarking or gaming would give me BSOD, the reason of the BSOD is DXGKNRL fatal error, I tried to hook up a external monitor but still BSOD. I’ve tried Windows 7 and Windows 10 with different versions of graphics drivers but the problem still exist. Now I’m really out of solutions, any idea how I can solve this problem? Thanks for reading this long question, I’d be really appreciated if my problem could be solved.


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