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Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro PCI Card for Internal Display Acceleration

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro PCI Card for Internal Display Acceleration  


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I'm testing the AKiTiO Node Pro PCIe enclosure and thought I should try installing a capture card. The Elgato HD60 Pro seems to be a good choice, capable of handling 1080P @ 60Hz. The idea is to form a loop starting with the Thunderbolt 3 host laptop. The laptop connects to an eGPU. The eGPU connects to the HD60 Pro. The capture card then feeds that eGPU accelerated video signal back to the laptop via Thunderbolt 3. Instant view option allows you to play games through this setup on the internal display.

The good news is this theory works. There are some not so good news. First of all it's very costly to have a second TB3 enclosure and a capture card like this HD60 Pro. This card is one of the highest rated options there is but there's added latency when you run it in this setup. I don't have the equipment to measure the exact amount of latency. If you can imagine your monitor running at 30Hz vs 60Hz this setup feels similar to that. IMO it's not enjoyable to play game this way.

I also tried this HD60 Pro + AKiTiO Node Pro setup in macOS. There's no drivers so the Elgato Capture app could not detect the card. The system saw this card as a display device though.

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What about the Elegato Cam Link? Its more afordable and supports UVC, so no drivers are needed in macOS.

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