EXP GDC and major mistake -> now have dead GPU from cutting it
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EXP GDC and major mistake -> now have dead GPU from cutting it  


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Hey guys, 

 Went down a rabbit hole, broke some shit and now am trying to justify a few things by rectifying my mistakes, but maybe I should just scrap the project as I'm in too deep already with fuck-ups.



I have an old IBM X3650 M1 (7979) server, I had wanted to convert this to hosting a decent GPU as its a good plex server or I can do some simple mining while its on. I bought a 1650 as it doesnt require external power and the card was working alright in the server, Due to it being a x16 Pcie slot I had to cut the end to fit it in, however this worked for all intense and purposes (saw some wonky stuff happening with it regarding encoding) ( )


I then wanted to use this card for my Laptop which was a decent Lenovo p50 with an i7 CPU, I purchased the egpu EXP GDC (EXP GDC equivalent), only issue is the laptop didn't have the proper Mini-PCIe slot and only had the standard WiFi slot, so I needed to try to use a power adaptor. There is a 12v power connector and thought that would supply the 1650 with enough through the PCI slot. It didn't work,


I then purchased a HDMI-USB-C to connect the PC to the device for an output of power, the fans spun up, I though I had it working, couldn't detect in windows device manager, disabled discrete GPU on Laptop, still nothing, fiddled around with it a bit more... then it stopped spinning up and never worked again. I tried putting it in another computer to see if it still worked, and its dead. not detected, not spinning fans and computer doesnt even know its plugged into a PCI slot. 




$190 for the 1650

$17.99 for the USB C to HDMI Cable

$66.99 for the EXP GDC


Now with a dead GPU which I would really like to have back   


NEXT Steps:


In a perfect world I would have just left the 1650 in the server and been happy it was working in a x8 Pcie slot and called it a day. Now I am wondering a few thing and don't want to keep pumping money into this project but if I can get something out of the EXP GDC its not all lost. 


1) I have a million different power bricks for several different laptops, and I noticed that the Dell power brick is used for this EXP GDC with the 6-pin connector (This is used for external GPUs) but is pricy, and I have several just not with a 6-pin end, Can I create this from an existing power brick?


1b) If I can just splice a powerbrick and attach it to a GPU I can have several external GPUs powered by these bricks in the server (server doesn't have 6 pin power). 

1c) there are 3 lanes of Pcie in the server, has 2CPU so I could add 2 cards to it if I could create the power brick GPU power,


2) Is there a way of making this EXP GDC work with a 12v power plug, it's there and part of the unit, why doesnt it power the PCIe lane? not enough juice? 


3) Should I just give up and call it quits after I bricked my card, and invest in a more standard solution IE. new computer with proper power and not my server to mine. 


Thanks if you have any input, this is the first card I destroyed in my 20+ years of computer work... feelsbadman


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