Extended Display Setup: Running eGPU on external display and iGPU on laptop disp...
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Extended Display Setup: Running eGPU on external display and iGPU on laptop display?  


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I am fairly new to the eGPU scene and I have recently purchased a Razer Core X Chroma alongside a Nvidia GTX 1660 Super.

I connected everything to my laptop and the eGPU works great.


I understand that the eGPU works way better when connected to an external monitor directly and therefore I connected my external display directly to my GTX 1660 Super in the Razer Core.

However I am used to running on an extended display setup. I would usually have a video running on my laptop internal display and the game on my external monitor display.

I found that my games experience huge drops in fps when I did this. The drops in fps is comparable to not running the eGPU at all.


I did some research and found that my GTX 1660 Super is potentially running double duty to not only display my game on my external monitor, but also going back to my internal laptop display to play my videos, which is why my fps too a hit.

When I disabled my laptop display, everything became smooth again.


My enquiry is, is it possible to let my laptop internal display run with its iGPU while my eGPU to run solely for my external monitor display.

I am running Windows 10 by the way.


Please pardon me for my lack of knowledge in GPUs. I've only gotten interested in this area recently.

Thank you all for your patience!


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@sean_soo, You can use Windows Graphics settings to manually assign each app/game to a specific GPU so that you can have a fine control over what the iGPU and eGPU are doing. During those FPS drops, did you recall there were any software running on the internal display? The Nvidia Optimus icon should show which processes are using the eGPU.


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