External speakers sound dropouts when moving the cursor of a wireless mouse
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External speakers sound dropouts when moving the cursor of a wireless mouse  


Denis Sulovic
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so first of all I’m new here this is my first post I only registered for this problem.

Second my English is not the best so I hope it’s not a big deal for this problem.

Third I’m not sure if I’m at the right topic because i think is not ez to solve... ):


so I have a MacBook Pro 2018 Version connected to a egpu (razer Core x chroma) with rx 5700xt inside connected via HDMI to my tv. My 5.1 surround system is connected via external soundcard (Asus xonar U5) with the 3 aux cable method. From there a usb cable goes to the eGPU. So my wireless mouse is a razer Hyperflux. 

My problem is whenever I move the mouse, I hear some sound dropouts and issues from the speakers. But only if I move the mouse. And I don’t know what to do. I tried different USB ports but nothing helps. 

to show you what i mean I have filmed it in a video:



I have also read that there is a problem with the t2 chip from the MacBook which could cause usb2.0 problems and yes the usb cable I use is probably usb2.0 which makes the whole thing even more complicated.... 


Anyone know what do I need to do or anyone has the same problems? 


Update: On Windows Bootcamp it’s working perfectly, no sound issues, no problems at all. So it’s definitely a macOS problem! 

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