FreeSync 2 Monitor - Samsung CHG90 49-inch 32:9 Curved Display  


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January 22, 2018 4:24 pm  

I wanted this monitor since last summer when Samsung announced it has FreeSync 2 and a 144 Hz refresh rate. During the Black Friday to Christmas sales here in the US, there were many good deals so I pulled the trigger on one. A common issue I read about this monitor is the wake from sleep behavior. I updated the firmware to the latest version 1014.2 right after receiving mine and I have yet to encounter wake from sleep issue.

This super-wide 49″ monitor at 32:9 ratio is effectively two 27″ FHD monitors stitched together. Due to the curvature of the display, it takes up a lot of space. The screen itself weighs more than 26 pounds so the stand is very elaborate in order to balance the odd shape. I took this picture from an angle because getting the whole width inside the frame straight-on was a challenge.

The latest firmware also ensures FreeSync range for this Samsung CHG90 is 48-144 Hz via either DisplayPort or 48-100Hz via HDMI (according to AMD’s list of FreeSync monitors). macOS of course cannot make use of FreeSync so Windows is the only environment when FreeSync is active. What I was interested in finding out most was the performance and experience with an eGPU. The monitor works well at native resolution 3840 x 1080 @ 120 Hz in 10.13 via both internal graphics and external graphics connection when paired with a nMP.

Next was to pair it up with my late 2016 15″ MBP + Mantiz Venus RX Vega 56 eGPU. The monitor was plug-and-play once the RX Vega 56 eGPU was functional in Boot Camp. FreeSync was automatically detected and enabled. The display showed it’s running at 144 Hz.

I ran a few benchmarks at 3840 x 1080. This seems to be quite a stretch for a single AMD card to handle at the moment.

The 81 DPI is hard to overlook. If you’re used to retina displays, the unpolished pixels on this screen will scratch your eyeballs like sandpaper. I lowered the Sharpness settings to smooth on screen texts. Other than gaming, it’s not possible to recommend this monitor.

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