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Hp omen and Aorus 1070 issues

Hp omen and Aorus 1070 issues  


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hello everyone
I bought a new laptop
HP OMEN 15 dc 1000
with this config
core i7 8th gen
vga:2070rtx max-q design
and I bought a aorus 1070 gaming box EGPU with 8gb capicity
I connected this vga to my laptop with thunderbolt3
and my laptop recognize that
but I get one massages about this external graphic card may perperly work good
but my nvidia control panel add this graphic card
in some moment I get a eror like cation in my device manager in front of my internal gpu(rtx 2070 max-q design)
but external graphic card works good
I need some help about how I can use both of them in the same time to have 16gb GRAPHIC ????

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Not sure that's how it should work. the GPU in your laptop will not work with the eGPU to give you 16 GBs of RAM for your graphics needs. They are meant to work standalone from each other.

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