If you have a XFX RX 560 4GB you Must see this
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If you have a XFX RX 560 4GB you Must see this  


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If you, like me, got a XFX RX 560 4GB to use as an eGPU, welcome to the team! I want to share with you guys my experience, so you won't be stuck for a while as I was.

First of all:

Is this graphics card MacOS ready? Yes, it is. However, it depends...

As many of you may have seen on-line, XFX and Apple are not close friends. However, AMD chips work fine with Steve Jobs' machines. So, what is the problem?

Here is the situation:

When plugged in to a Windows machine, the graphics card works like a charm. However, when plugged in to an eGPU enclosure, it can simply do nothing to the system, partially shows up on System Report, or even cause your system to go unstable and completely crash. Yeah, I faced all of these.

The XFX version of RX 560 does not talk very well to MacOS, so we have to do a trick: set it as Sapphire. Yes, you can flash a different vBIOS to it. It works! However, it will void any warranty you have. Keep that in mind!

Here is the solution:

To get the trick done, follow these steps:

  • Put your graphics card in a Windows machine (PCI-Express x16 slot + 6-pin power)
  • Install the AMD drivers from here (you'll have to restart the system)
  • Download and run ATIFlash (amdvbflashWin.exe) as Administrator
  • Go ahead and click Save to backup the original vBIOS from your card (important!)
  • Click Load Image and select the file you downloaded from here
  • Once you click Program it will start flashing your card

However, at this point, you will see an error of ID Mismatch. This is due to the vBIOS you're trying to flash belonging to another manufacturer. So you can't flash it using this interface. Let's hack it!

To bypass this error, go ahead and close ATIFlash. First of all, copy the Sapphire vBIOS file you downloaded and paste it in the same folder as ATIFlash is. Rename it to something easier to type like vbios.rom. Now, open the Windows Command Prompt as Administrator and navigate to the folder where ATIFlash is saved using the command cd, i.e. cd C:\Downloads\atiflash\. Then, go ahead and type the following two commands:

  • amdvbflashWin.exe -unlockrom 0
  • amdvbflashWin.exe -f -p 0 vbios.rom

On both cases, you should see a small window opening and showing the result of the command you just ran. Go to the next command only after you dismiss that pop-up.

If everything went well, you're now able to turn off the computer, get back your graphics card, put it in your eGPU enclosure, plug it in your Mac using Thunderbolt and you're good to go!

What if you regret doing this?

No problem. Do you remember when I told to click Save to backup your original vBIOS? Now you can do the same process using that .rom file. It will make your graphics card XFX again!

That's all folks!

I hope it helps all of you that were looking for an answer for those questions. Please leave your comments and share your experience here as well! Cheers.

Macbook Pro 15" Late 2013 - Intel i7-4850HQ @ 2.3GHz - nVidia GeForce GT 750M 2GB VRAM - 16GB RAM DDR3 @ 1600MHz - Custom eGPU enclosure with JHL7440 chipset - XFX RX 560 4GB VRAM @ Sapphire VBIOS

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@cmd8086, I can also confirm this works because my XFX RX 590 is running power color rom, and it works just as well on macOS.




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I am trying to do this to my rx 580 but the command prompt commands don't seem to do anything. I don't see a little pop up and I still get an ID mismatch. Am i missing something or has the process changed?


Edit: i moved the amdvbflash folder from downloads to desktop and i now get the little pop up when I enter the commands, but still subsystemID mismatch

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.