Internal GPU nVidia Gtx 1660ti and eGPU Quadro Rtx4000
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Internal GPU nVidia Gtx 1660ti and eGPU Quadro Rtx4000  


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 Hi everybody, I found issue, something like drivers conflicts, trying to connect to my OMEN HP laptop a QUADRO RTX4000, mounted in a Sapphire dock Thunderbolt3, and the internal GPU nvidia GTX1660 Ti. All drivers and win10 are updated to the latest, when i plug the thunderbolt at the first time it seems to be ok, but after a while the drivers of the Gtx become not active, the system it became unstable, and I have to reboot win in safety mode, downgrading the driver of nvidia Gtx1660Ti and updating them again...Anyone found a similar issue? It seems that the Quadro driver punch with the Gt ones... 

So I ask to you, more experts, which is the most suitable confiuration to use a Quadro Rtx4000 as thunderbolt eGpu?

Many thanks to you all

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