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Is the RTX 2080 really that bad?  


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I’ve recently bought a ZOTAC RTX 2080 8GB AMP Edition GPU for a new build and after reading the reviews on here I feel pretty downhearted about my card.

I haven’t installed it yet, so it’s not too late to return. The GPU was like £80 more than the EVGA 1080 Ti I was looking at but it seemed like a good move to go for a brand new card rather than the older 1080 Ti, but at the end of the day the guy in the shop did push me a little towards the 2080 because it’s “future proof.”

Have I been pushed towards a bad deal? Why has the r/buildapc community railed so hard against the 2080 release?

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The RTX 2080 is an excellent card with plenty of power.

The only negativity towards the 20-series RTX cards I have heard was that there was only a small raw performance increase compared to the 10-series but a more significant price increase. Basically you were paying for features instead of performance. 

You have a great card, and personally I think the RTX features are great, especially DLSS. 


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Like @boltoway said, people were not as happy with the RTX 2000 series cards because of how big of a jump in performance GTX 1000 series were vs. GTX 900 series. RTX 2080 is still a very capable card. It works great in eGPU enclosures too.


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