Mac mini CPU performance. Is eGPU the solution?
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Mac mini CPU performance. Is eGPU the solution?  


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Hello. I have mac mini 2018 with i7, 16GB RAM and 512SSD. Unfortunately, I have also 2 displays 4k. Often I see that my mac works on process tasks between CPU and GPU. In activity monitor, I have WindowServer process on the top and is a normal situation for me. I use my mac generally for CPU tasks (I'm a programmer) and the performance of CPU is important for me. I thought that maybe I can relieve my CPU when I buy eGPU. Is it a solution to my problems?

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@mateusz_tryba Before exploring eGPU, I'd recommend looking through this cooling solutions for 2018 Mac mini discussion first [link]. I have tried a few options with a 200mm cooling fan as well as increasing the internal fan speed to help the CPU sustain its performance.

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